Trees partially cleared
Trees Partially Cleared

The Vermeer BC1000XL - A Wondrous Invention
The Vermeer BC1000XL - A Beast!
Eats 12-inch Logs With Ease!   80 HP Diesel Engine!

The Initial Foundation Footings
Initial Footings for Foundation

The Foundation
The Foundation

The Main Support Beam
Building the Main Support Beam

Floor Joists
Floor Joists In Position, Starting the Floor Decking

1st Floor Decking Complete
End of 1st Week, Floor Decking Complete

Outer Walls
Outer Walls Under Construction

Roof Sheathing
Outer Walls Sheathed, Roof Trusses In Position, Starting the Roof Sheathing

Interior View -- Tub/Shower Fixtures at Left, Windows Leaning Against Far Corner
(Basement Stair Opening at Near Left, Blocked by Boards)

Valley Set
Valley Set In Progress, Some Roof Trim In Place

Roof View
View from the Roof.  Back Half is Shingled; Preparing Front Half

Season 1 Complete
End of First Season -- Outer Shell Complete!